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Charm City Wings and Waffles Downtown, located at 112 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, MD. Here we strive to provide Charming Food & Customer Service to leave you wanting more!!! CCWW offers a wide variety of fresh quality food to cater to all pallets.
Our mission is to provide quality food and excellent service because we love our customers and you are our priority.


  • Breakfast is severed all day!
  • Along with our savory menu, we also have healthier selections available.
  • Our venue is excellent for any type of event and can be transformed to fit you needs.
  • Our customized catering works with any budget BIG or SMALL starting at $250.00.

Best Choice

  • 3PC Chicken and Waffle
  • Salmon Platter
  • 3PC Chicken and Red Velvet Waffle
  • Mellow Yellow Wings
  • Classic Red Velvet Waffle

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